The title is more instructive than it is strange. High Performance and other activities deplete some essential nutrients, decrease the red blood cell count, etc. This can occur due to many activities such as physical exertion, sweat, a change in weather, heat, and humidity. All of these contribute to the loss of Electrolytes, build-up of toxins, and nutrient loss in your horse. The two keywords here are ELECTROLYTE AND REPLENISHMENT.

This points to the best solution—Ramard Blood Fluids Muscle Replenishment for Race Horses. Let’s take this further; all horses need Horse Supplements with Electrolytes, Blood Builders, and Muscle builders.

Total Blood Fluids Muscle Replenishment for Race Horses

This Equine product contains BFM, developed to replenish the vital nutrients lost during stress and exercise. It will help prevent the signs of dehydration, protect muscle tissue, and support the blood. Blood Fluids Muscle includes:

  • Essential B-Vitamins, minerals, and iron to support increased oxygen-carrying ability and red blood cell count Branch Chain Amino Acids to support repair of muscle tissue damage associated with training
  • Electrolytes which replenish the daily loss of minerals and, used daily, aid in the prevention of lactic acid build-up associated with muscle exertion
Ramard Total Blood Fluids Muscle may be beneficial for:
  • Muscle repair and recovery
  • Building lean muscle mass
  • Boosting energy
  • Increasing red blood cell count
  • Replenishing electrolytes
Horses are Majestic yet complicated Mammals that give us much pleasure. They will repay our care for them with better performance and longer and better quality of life. It is our job to help them in any way we can.

Thank you for being a Caring Horse Owner.