Four of the primary functions of your horse’s ligaments are; Holding the bones together while preventing the joints from Twisting, which Stabilizes muscles and bones and Strengthens the joints. Even at rest, this is a tall order but imagine the stresses imposed on these ligaments when your horse is performing any strenuous activity. One way to think about ligaments is that they keep joints together and aligned. Not to be confused with Tendons that attach the muscles to the bone. Ligaments attach bone to bone.

The three main progressions of Ligament injury are Sprains, Strains, and, ultimately, a Tear.A quick Physiology fact is appropriate here. Horses have no muscles below their knees and hocks. Based on that fact, you can see the importance of healthy Ligaments and Tendons to keep all those soldiers marching in the proper formation.

Given this importance, we must offer all possible support to our horse’s health regarding Ligaments and Tendons, especially since neither gets much blood supply. One excellent solution is Ramard Total Joint Care Performance. The best horse joint supplement that goes beyond just addressing the cartilage as most others do and instead includes maximum support to Ligaments and Tendons by including assistance to the entire joint. This includes Synovial fluid, cartilage, and soft tissue, all of which give the Ligaments and Tendons their best chance to avoid injury.
Before we ask our horses to do what they do best, please be sure we supply them with the best possible ligament and tendon supplements to prevent injury and speed recovery for their Ligaments when they stretch just a bit too far.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.