Let me ask you to think of the craziest idea of a tool to take exceptional care of your horse. Let me give you a clue. Your horse has one of the animal kingdom's longest spines and complex musculature. 

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If you guessed Chiropractic Therapy, you would be correct. I know this because some 20 years ago, I was working at a logistics job that required the loading and unloading of trucks. Since I was approaching 60 years old, I needed all the help I could get to maintain my health. This included a Chiropractor. I asked my friend and boss if he knew of a good chiropractor, and he introduced me to Kathy. She was a lady about my age that had a practice with another lady near where I lived. The results were quick and very effective. One week after a large loadout, I called and asked for an interim appointment. The lady who ran the office said both ladies traveled the state two days a week doing Horse Chiropractic Care. I had never heard of that before, so the next time I saw Kathy, she told me about it.

Kathy and her cohort had always been Horse Lovers, and they paired that with their training to provide what turns out to be an essential procedure for many horses. Performance horses have some unique and often more frequent needs for these therapies. It is incredible to watch a Chiropractor find and relieve a restriction in a joint that allows the horse to perform even better and be without that pain. Horses require head, neck, spine, joint, and hip adjustments like humans. The goal is to restore the optimal motion to that joint which will alleviate inflammation and pressure on surrounding nerves and soft tissue.

I hope you will avail yourself of all the best care possible for your horse. Even if you are giving your horse performance supplements, you can go to the next level with your horse by using all the available tools.

Thank you for being a Caring Horse Owner.