Like humans, your horse's muscles recover quickly and naturally. Tendons and ligaments are a different story. Most of this concerns their attaching mechanisms and their fibrous linear structure.

The importance of doing all we can to aid the healing process is played out by Tendon-related incidences being the most common Equine veterinary-related reason for retirement in performance and racehorses. These same dangers and biomechanical forces apply to all horses that do any more than stand in their stalls their whole life. Remember, it also supports healthy tendon and ligament formation in growing colts.

The Importance of Ligament and Tendon Supplements

Ramard Total Tendon Repair supports the healing process and the alignment of tendon fibers, which helps with strength and elasticity.This support is critical before scarring and tearing occur, which is usually career-ending. It is a relatively easy decision to do all we can to supplement our animals.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.