Do you know that an average of 0.6 ounces per day of prevention is worth almost 1000 pounds of cure for a horse tendon's health?


Tendon-relevant issues and injuries are prevalent veterinary-related reasons for decreasing the performance of racehorses. It will be challenging to know about tendon and ligament issues in house in early stages, but it can happen after scarring occurs. Mostly serious tendon injuries can start rehabilitation in a period of 9 months.

Horse tendons are specially designed which helps to do heavy lifting, running, and jumping. You should need to check your horse tendons and provide the required supplements if possible. You should take proper care of horse health with recommended nutrients with the added protection of a next-generation supplement. Every time after any vigorous activity, here is a different recovery process for the tendons and ligaments of your horses.

Many supplements are available but Ramard total tendon repair is a new and modern ligament formula with the help of patented and clinically studied ingredients that can support the healing process of tendons and ligaments. Ramard Total Tendon Repair is a special supplement for horse joints and it supplies required biomechanical properties to the tendons and ligaments, which helps the body in natural recovery for horses. So you must try these tendon and ligament supplements for horses. It will be helpful for an increase in Type I collagen, it provides a lot of tensile strength and it can help to reduce recurrences.


As mentioned it can be challenging to know about tendon and ligament issues in horses in the early stages, but it can happen after scarring occurs. Tendon-related issues are the most common problem which can affect the performance of racehorses.

Many studies prove that all the ingredients which are used in this Ramard Total Tendon Repair and in the racehorse performance supplements are proved:

  • Normalizing Tendons and Ligaments.
  • Supporting the healing process.
  • Support alignment of tendon fibers.
  • Support strength and elasticity.
  • Support healthy tendon and ligament formation in growing colts.
  • May reduce discomfort and inflammation associated with tendons and ligaments.
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