Our majestic animals seem to shine when they do their best: jumping, running, cutting, or climbing. I am always taken aback when I see a sculpted 1000 pounds of muscles in mid-flight or speeding down a track. These feats complete the circle of training and performance that these champions are meant for. Such fine breeding and training bring them to this pinnacle, and for that, we are grateful.

Just as we would never consider just placing one of these fine animals back in their stalls after such a performance without first walking them out and then grooming them, we need also tune into what is happening with the recovery of their tendons, ligaments, skeletons, and muscles. I am reminded of how I feel after playing that pick-up basketball game with friends. I usually find a whole group of muscles I forgot I had. Horses are no different, and they can use help in the normal recovery process to help in reducing inflammation and discomfort as their tendons and ligaments return to normal. 

Remembering these same recovery processes regarding foals and young training horses is paramount. As a horse grows in size, they also tend to test its strength limits as it should. It is incumbent on us to pay close attention to the healthy growth and development of our horses' tendons and ligaments especially.

Our most effective and best-selling horse health products for this condition are aptly named RAMARD TOTAL TENDON REPAIR HORSE SUPPLEMENTS. 

Ramard Total Tendon Repair Supplements for Horses - Tendon & Ligament Health Aid, Aids in Healing and Improving Strength and Elasticity for Horse Tendons and Ligaments. Increase type 1 collagen which provides tensile strength and helps reduce recurrences.

A topline for horses and a horse joint supplement that is proven to support the healing process, strength, and elasticity may reduce discomfort and inflammation with tendons and ligaments. Our products are made in the USA in an FDA-inspected lab using the highest quality ingredients.

Your care and attention are a sure way to know you are RETURNING THE FAVOR!