To fully appreciate the impact of a transparent and high-functioning respiratory system for a horse, it is helpful to make some comparisons. When we look at the mammalian population, the horse is a leader in the volume of air exchange. A human athlete, during exertion, will increase their oxygen uptake some seven times higher than at rest, while a horse will need nearly 40 times the exchange during peak performance.

This points to the value of Respiratory & Endurance Horse supplements. Horses, like all mammals, can suffer from a build-up of mucus which impedes the creation of red blood cells and limits your horse's performance. This is where using a Ramard Total Respiratory & Endurance Syringe is just what the Vet ordered. These horse supplements in syringes maximize oxygen capacity, support the body's ability to fight mucus, and combat seasonal allergies. Additionally, horses will experience enhanced performance and race times through enhanced oxygen utilization. As with all our Ramard products, which are made in the US, they contain NO BANNED substances.
Ramard Total Respiratory & Endurance Oral SyringeThe Body's Ability to Combat Mucus & Seasonal Allergies. Effective Animal Vitamiin. Will enhanced performance and race times through enhanced oxygen utilization.

When it comes to performance, Ramard is the Choice of Champions. In the words of CAPTAIN JEFF PLAYER, the proud owner of The Golden Kid;
"I only trust Ramard products. Ramard is the only product I trust for my 15 time World Champion. They are fast acting, effective and I can show on them."
Total Respiratory & Endurance Syringe - Chosen by Champions.

It is not an overstatement to say that the volume of air your horse takes in is "The lifeblood of the lifeblood." Considering that your horse's lungs must do almost six times as much work during a performance as you do when you run at full speed, it only makes sense to use the best Total Respiratory & Endurance supplements available.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.