Your horse's gastrointestinal microbiome depends on Balance and Absorption. This condition is called Dysbiosis. Like us, your horse depends on a good balance of the necessary healthy bacteria in its gut. BioFlex, a key ingredient in Ramard Total Gut Health, has been proven to be the best horse digestive supplements to support the body's natural ability to balance bacteria that cause GI upset. Some obvious signs are bloating, diarrhea or constipation, and even heartburn, but if the harmful bacteria overcome the good, the outcome can be severe. Your horse can develop autoimmune issues, thyroid problems, leaky gut syndrome, colitis, ulcers, and even type 1 diabetes, among other problems.

The other consideration for keeping the GI tract balance is the possibility of poor absorption. This is the path to your horse absorbing the essential nutrients needed for the healthy function of all systems. The equine-specific free nucleotides in Ramard Total Gut Health support cell replication and the lengthening of villi in the digestive tract, shielding it while helping to maximize absorption. 

Total Gut Health Horse Supplements

Some causes to be aware of include changing the source of hay, feed, or even pastures, too much grain with lots of sugars, and fermented starches. Other things that can trigger an imbalance are Deworming medication, non-steroidal inflammatory drugs, and even antibiotics. 

 I don't write this to scare you; I merely want you to know the need for a good gut health supplement. As magnificent as our horses are, they are equally complex.

 Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.