This is truly a Win-Win. Starting with that rambunctious colt that can’t stand still through training and on to high-performance competition, there are two crucial requirements for any Horse Tendon Supplements, Strength and Elasticity. The growth and maintenance of their biomechanical properties and the support of increases in Type I collagen, which provides greater tensile strength, is essential for each step your horse takes.
Ramard Total Tendon Repair Supplements for Horses

Ramard Total Tendon Repair is a next-generation formula using a patented and clinically studied ingredient to help support the tendons, ligaments, and the normal healing process. Above the knee and hock, we need to look out for the muscles, joints, etc. Below that, we have just tendons and ligaments and a fascinating feat of physics and biomechanics. I am always amazed at how much force such an immense animal exerts in a small area. This same fascination turns to concern when I consider that the most commonly found injuries are; SDFT or Superficial digital flexor tendon injury affects the forelimb, and DDFT or Deep digital flexor injury of the hindlimb can lead to soreness or even scarring. In worst-case scenarios, tearing can occur. This is a case where an ounce of prevention pays enormous benefits. This is the reason to use only the best tendon and ligament supplements.
Total Tendon Repair Horse Supplement is the the best tendon and ligament supplement

You don’t have to take my word for it. Ramard Total tendon repair for horses is used by Olympic Equestrian teams worldwide and by leading trainers and World & National Champions in every breed group.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.