Hand down, it is the GUT! Most systems, ie. Circulatory, Skeletal, Muscular, etc., operate very predictably except for the GUT! The reason those other systems operate predictably is the GUT.

As I have stated, the most crucial function the Gut needs are BALANCE! This is where our Ramard Total Pre and ProBiotics come in. Because of the complexity and invaluable role of your horse's GI tract, there must be a Pre and a Pro. Prebiotics are a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the hindgut. Probiotics are live bacteria in the digestive system that break down feed for more excellent nutrient absorption. And balanced absorption is the key to every other system. RAMARD TOTAL PRE AND PROBIOTICS


There needs to be more space here to explain the unique function of the GI system. Suffice it to say that nothing good happens to your horse if its gastrointestinal system is out of balance. The major challenge is that your horse is open to many things that affect how this system works. It is impacted by what they eat, Meds they may be on, anxiety-inducing transports, stress-induced performances, etc.

Some things to keep an eye on are your poor horses' body condition, loose stool, digestive upset, and abdominal discomfort, which could indicate the beneficial bacteria in the animal's system are out of balance.

Total Pre & Probiotic supports normal digestion and appetite and should be used during or to:

  • Therapy
  • Changes in environment, feed, or diet
  • Birthing/foaling
  • Traveling, kenneling, and veterinary visits
  • Training and Competition
  • To support digestive health, body condition, and hair coat

There is a reason that, by a large margin, this is our best-selling Horse Digestive Supplement.

Regular treatment with Ramard Total Pre and Probiotic may be the best thing you can do for your horse.

Thanks for being a Caring Horse Owner.