Neil Taft-President of Taft Enterprise


Neil is truly an exceptional individual who stands out for his unwavering dedication and passion towards driving the success of the company. His pure heart and commitment to excellence have made him a highly respected and valued member of the organization since its inception. Neil's profound love for horse health care has been the driving force behind his success in establishing strategic partnerships with the most reliable and reputable manufacturers in the industry. Through these collaborations, he has successfully sourced and provided top-quality health products for horses, catering to the specific needs and preferences of horse owners who share his deep commitment to promoting the well-being and happiness of their beloved animals. Neil's expertise and dedication to his craft have truly elevated the level of care and attention given to the horses under his watch, and his unwavering commitment to excellence is an inspiration to all those around him.

Chuck Taft - Founder of Taft Enterprise

Chuck Taft, alongside his father Neil Taft, is dedicated to enhancing the online presence of Caring Horse Supplies, a company that is committed to providing its loyal customers with a dependable platform that caters to all their equine care needs. Chuck, in particular, plays a crucial role in ensuring that our inventory is always well-stocked and easily accessible to meet the diverse requirements of our valued patrons. Furthermore, he has established strong partnerships with reputable carriers to guarantee the timely and accurate fulfillment of all product orders and deliveries. We deeply appreciate the dedication and hard work of our team members, and we are confident that Chuck's contributions will continue to benefit our customers and the wider equine community alike.


Neil and Chuck are dedicated to ensuring that you receive unparalleled customer satisfaction. With a constant desire to innovate and explore new ways to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, they are committed to providing exceptional service that sets them apart from the competition. Your satisfaction is their top priority, and they strive to go above and beyond to make sure that every interaction you have with them is nothing short of exceptional.