Just what is your job in the Peak Performance of your horse? I was talking the other day with a Lady who is a regular customer and user of Ramard Products. She wanted to ensure she received her Total Calm & Focus order in time for her daughter's first showing over the weekend. This is a prime example of a Mom supporting her daughter and Horse simultaneously. We want the best for our kids, and her way of doing that was to be sure she was providing the Best Horse Supplements she could find.

The entire reason Ramard Inc. exists is the vision of a man named Jeff Raimey. He said, "As a dedicated horseman and competitor for 30 years, I have always wanted the best for my horses and pets. There was a great divide between cutting-edge science and products available to the horse and pet community. So, I decided in 2006 to create Ramard, a company that would develop and create next-generation products and proprietary ingredients available to everyone. I assembled a team of biochemists, molecular biologists, and researchers worldwide. The goal was simple and clear; create the best and most effective health and performance products for horses and pets."

Jaff Ramey - CEO of Ramard.

Jeff's vision shows that Today, Ramard's Equine Products are used by Olympic Equestrians, World and National Champions in every breed group, top racing trainers, and those that want the best for their horses, even if they are retired or just a loved companion. Ramard's pet products are quickly becoming the first choice of Westminster Champion dog handlers, breeders, and those who demand the best for canine and feline companions.

I hope you will experience how Ramard can change how you think about health and performance products for your horses and pets. Whether competing in the show ring, on the race track, or just competing for the love and affection of your backyard friend, you can count on Ramard to deliver the quality products you deserve, expect and rely on.

Our contribution is to supply the Best Products we can find so you can do your part for all concerned.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.