Humans most identify with Achilles tendinopathy (Achilles Heel) injuries. Now multiply that by 5 (The average horse weighs five times what the average male does). Now multiply that by 4x4 since the horse has four sets of Tendons/Ligaments in the lower part of their four legs. For good measure, consider that Veterinarians state that; Tendon related incidences are the most common veterinary-related reason for retirement in performance and racehorses. If you read this article, you already know the importance of Ligament and Tendon supplements for horses. This is also why Ramard Total Tendon Repair is one of our best sellers. Those of you with performance horses get it. These injuries can still appear even with the most attentive and careful conditioning regimens.
Ramard Total Tendon Repair Supplements for Horses - Tendon & Ligament Health Aid

The thing is that many different injuries can occur to these essential connectors of muscle and bone. Your horse depends on you to be vigilant for these signs of trouble ahead. Your best weapon is the feel of your hand on both the back along the cannon bone and the front of their legs. In the extreme, these injuries show up as lameness, but recovery is much easier the earlier it is caught. If you can catch an injury when it is a strain, it is much better than noticing it as a tear. If we miss it as a tear, it becomes more extensive and may tear closer to the bone, which is worse yet.

Total Tendon Repair supplies the tendons and ligaments with ingredients required to help maintain their biomechanical properties and support the body's natural regeneration and recovery process. It will also support an increase in Type I collagen, which provides greater tensile strength and could help to reduce recurrences. It is critical to address tendon and ligament issues early before scarring occurs.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.