The ideal situation is your strong and healthy Horse standing tall on a fine summer day with a naturally shiny coat. This is the result of many things you can offer your horse. Things like a good grooming routine, especially during the hot summer months. Good nutrition augmented with a regular supplement regimen of amino acids for horses. 


As I have written in this blog, it is up to you to be attuned to your horse's needs. One good indicator of trouble is when their coat changes due to something other than the typical winter change to a less shiny and fluffier look. The causes are many, but the need for your vet to get involved is essential.

If your animal is an older one, you can be looking at Wasting or Cushing's disease or any number of Gland problems. With most horses, this can manifest itself as a Fungus infection that causes shedding other than the normal springtime shedding. Some parasitical attacks result from flea and Fly bites that become infected. A diet low in amino acids or poor protein content can result in coat troubles.

Some solutions are available from the excellent grooming routine I have mentioned. Good nutrition is a must, but it certainly helps to add a good supplement like RAMARD TOTAL BLOOD FLUIDS MUSCLE. This supplement has  Essential B-Vitamins, minerals, and iron to support increased oxygen-carrying ability and red blood cell count, As well as Branch Chain Amino Acids, which are needed for a Healthy Coat.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.