It is incumbent upon you as a Caring Horse owner to preemptively care for your friend. You should do your horse's three critical checks daily: Eyes, Gums, and Droppings.

  1. Looking deeply into their eyes is valuable when you are with your horse. Are the Eyes clear and bright? Is there any discharge from the Eyes? There is a reason for such things as a discharge.
  2. Are your horse's Gums even Salmon colored? Any other color is an alert to potential trouble. You can also press your finger on the Gums, and they should change color and then return to the original Salmon color. If this is the case, your horse has healthy Gums.
  3. Because of the many things that can upset your horse's gut, keeping an eye on their droppings is essential. A healthy horse stool comprises tiny balls free from mucous or slime coatings. The stool should be free of any undigested matter. This is especially important if you have changed feeds, pastures, and hay suppliers.

I have another article in this blog that deals with harmful and poisonous plants and grasses that can harm your horse.

The bottom line is that you should contact your veterinarian immediately if you have any questions after these three daily checks. 

One promising line of defense is regularly providing your animal with horse supplements like Ramard Total Pre & Probiotic powder and horse digestive supplements to support equine digestive health and prevent gastrointestinal upset. Our powder is safe for use in both foals and adult horses. You may also check our horse performance supplements and different topline for horses products offered at

Please continue to give your precious animal the attention and support it deserves.

Thanks for being a Caring Horse Owner.