One excellent reason to consider the use of Horse Energy Supplements is that their use is like money in the bank when we call upon our horse to dig deep and give us a burst of activity. In most cases, we take our horses from a near standstill to a full gallop in a matter of seconds. We often go from a trot to a jump or gallop, which quickly expands an exceptional amount of energy.

This is normal for your animal if you engage in any competition. The physiological response is terrific. Overcoming the inertia of a 1000-pound animal for a resting state to the entire competition is asking a lot. The best way to prepare those muscles is to have a cache of potential in the tank. This is the function of our Ramard TOTAL BLOOD  FLUIDS MUSCLE supplement. It provides essential B-Vitamins, minerals, and iron to support increased oxygen-carrying ability, red blood cell count, and other properties that aid your horse. This kind of exertion sets up the need to replace this loss of electrolytes, build-up of toxins, and nutrient loss in your horse. BFM was developed to replenish the vital nutrients lost during stress and exercise and increase the building muscle in horses.

Total Horse Blood Fluids Muscles Supplements

Besides boosting energy, Increasing red blood cell count, and aiding recovery, Total Blood Fluids Muscle also helps build lean muscle mass. This all adds up to taking the best care of our horses. We can’t do anything about the Law of Inertia, but we can give our animals the best of care and support along the way.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.