Of course, the answer depends on your horse's activity and overall health. This concern is significant because tendon and ligament damage is the most common reason for Veterinarian recommendations for retiring high-performance jumpers and race horses. It is also noteworthy that everything you do to aid the recovery and repair of the Tendons also supports the health of the ligaments.

RAMARD TOTAL TENDON REPAIR a proven and the best horse joint supplement is a next-generation tendon and ligament formula that will normalize the tendons and ligaments while aiding in the body's natural regeneration and recovery process. While most of your horse's tendons are of the short variety and, consequently, less likely to be damaged, the Flexor Tendons are most susceptible to damage since they are longer. 


One advantage to this product is an increase in Type 1 collagen, which enhances tensile strength and could help to reduce recurrences. The more elastic the tendon, the more you reduce inflammation and discomfort associated with tendons and ligaments. It would help if you did all you could to protect your horse BEFORE scarring occurs.

One of the most influential and clinically tested ingredients in Total Tendon Repair is our state-of-the-art trademarked ingredient, TENDOACTIVE, which is the same ingredient that is effective in treating humans for Achilles heel. 

Start with your colt and support tendon and ligament health throughout your horse's life with proper nutrition, appropriate supplements, exercise, warm-up, training, and aftercare grooming. 

Protect your precious investment to benefit your horse and you as a Caring Horse Owner.