If you watch your horse in the pasture with other horses you will see that they groom and nibble at each other. While this is a pragmatic gesture it is also a social behavior for horses.

Caring Horse Supplies and Its Best Horse Health Products.

If you are taking good care of your horse by using things like horse joint supplements and/or horse calming supplements you are a good owner. To move from a Good to Great owner you may consider performing above and beyond this care to doing things like 20 to 30 minutes of grooming after every ride or each day, especially, if your horse stays mainly in a stall. Horses in open pastures don’t need grooming so often but it sure can’t hurt. Benefits include improving your animal’s skin and coat health while inspecting and observing things like scratches, cuts,  joint and muscle anomalies. Grooming your animal is also a social interaction between you and your best friend. When done properly it will often result in your horse grooming you back. This nibbling and/or nuzzling behavior will mimic horse-to-horse behavior. Now you know you are on the right path to bonding with your horse.

There are a lot of tricks and tips for grooming your horse. The more you learn the better for you and your horse. Examples of special considerations are things like, what brush to use where on your horse, grooming a Muddy horse, sensitive areas, and areas where their tack may rub more than others. I often think of grooming as a form of massage therapy for your horse as well as this bonding/caring connection that goes on during this time.

Grooming is also a way to “Curry” your animal without feeding them snacks. Horses thrive on close attention during these sessions as well. In a nutshell, the outcomes from grooming are all good. This is just another way of caring for and appreciating your horse for who and what they are. 

Thanks for being a Caring Horse Owner.