My wonderful Sister-in-law has a passion for Fostering pets and finding them a place to be Loved. As my son and I have immersed ourselves in the well-being of Horses through our site, I have come to realize that this same kind of passion is extended to Horses by a Caring Community of wonderful and dedicated people that rescue horses from some pretty horrific circumstances.

Just to put this into perspective there are 17 Horse Rescue organizations here on the East Coast stretching from Richmond Virginia to Charleston South Carolina. This is not Texas but rather the East Coast USA. This speaks to the dire needs of our most majestic animals.

I would encourage you to check into horse rescues in your area. They are always in need of volunteers for this worthy cause. Many people get horses without an exit plan in mind. Some older folks just can’t keep up with the demanding routine that horses require just to sustain a normal existence.  Your animal needs time and attention to help them thrive. Horses should be regularly checked for things like the need for the best horse supplements for general health or horse joint supplement.  There is a need for regular visits by a farrier to tend to their hooves. Vet visits and so much more.

These Horse rescue organizations often have to do remedial care just to get these neglected horses back to normal. There are a ton of videos on Youtube and even a TV series called Horse Rescue Heroes. 

Since our Goal and Mission statement here at is; To offer horse health products and medications perfect for all equine care and needs, whether you are competing on the race track or the show ring or simply caring for your four-legged friends. Establishing partnerships with the most trusted manufacturers is our commitment to becoming one of the most reliable online destinations for our passionate customers in equine care.

Caring Horse Supplies comprises a team that continually and constantly strives to deliver powerful, effective, and topline for horses products along with providing the best customer experience. Guaranteed customer satisfaction aims to innovate ways to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.