The term that comes to mind is "Foundational." Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health is undoubtedly the most crucial element to promote your horse's long, productive, and happy life. Ramard Total Gut Health is just what the Vet ordered to address issues in the entire GI tract plus those caused by poor absorption, and at the same time, offering other benefits to aid in the all-important balance of bacteria. As humans, we know all too well what an upset gut can cause; YUCK!

This delicate balance is the most significant factor in how the GI tract absorbs and distributes the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy, productive, and happy horse. Important things like cell replication and mucosal lining health are fundamental to all functions to support intestinal health and immune function.

This unique supplement contains THC, which supports normal stomach pH and maintains proper intestinal microflora. All of this while the equine-specific free nucleotides aid in cell replication and the lengthening of villi in the digestive tract (this is a perfect thing), shielding it while helping to maximize absorption. Preventing things like Free Radical damage and Colic are added benefits of Ramard Total Gut Health.

Of all of the supplements we offer, I would rank this one #1 and the best horse supplements for Gut Health and a proven horse digestive supplements because of its far-reaching positive outcomes for your horse. You may not be able to control everything your horse chooses to eat, but you can offer the best prevention to ensure a healthy animal with a HAPPY GUT.

Thanks for being a Caring Horse Owner.