Total Tendon Repair supplies the tendons and ligaments with ingredients required to help maintain their biomechanical properties and support the body's natural regeneration and recovery process.


Ramard Total Tendon Repair Supplements for Horses

It will also support an increase in Type I collagen, which provides greater tensile strength and could help to reduce recurrences. It is critical to address tendon and ligament issues early before scarring occurs.

High-performing horses dig deep during competition, which stresses the Tendons and Ligaments each time. There is a need to normalize these tendons and ligaments while supporting their strength and elasticity by helping with the alignment of the tendon fibers. Two main ingredients supporting your horse's performance are TendoFit™ Proprietary Blend and Hydrolyzed Collagen. In collaboration with the world's top trainers, veterinarians, biochemists, and horse owners, extensive research has produced state-of-the-art horse supplements for the world's top performers. Ramard products are time-tested and use no artificial filler ingredients or banned substances. This is why they are used by many Olympic Equestrian Teams as well as Westminster Champions.