To get the best, you must be intentional about the choices made in breeding through the Foal stage. During the Weaning time, as your horse becomes a Yearling, an adolescent, and into Adulthood, you must provide them with the best horse health products and training available. With guidance from your Veterinarian, trainer, and your knowledge, you will be part of something special. As you know, thoroughbreds are not just born but developed, nurtured, trained, and maintained as thoroughbreds. 


Equine development is a site to behold. From this staggering, clumsy, spindly-legged foal to the majestic performance animal is the result of much thought, dedication, patience, training, and effort. In its three phases, your little miracle brings you closer to your goal. These are seasons of hope, work, and reward. 


Starting with Breeding: The first step in raising a thoroughbred is to breed a mare with a stallion that has desirable traits, such as speed, endurance, and conformation. This can be done naturally or through artificial insemination. 


Then anxiety-laden Pregnancy: Proper nutrition and veterinary care are essential once the mare is pregnant. This includes regular check-ups, vaccinations, and deworming. It is also necessary to introduce the best horse supplements for the mother of your future star.


And the moment of creation: Foaling: When the mare is ready to give birth, it is crucial to be present to assist with the delivery if necessary. After the foal is born, it should be allowed to nurse from the mare and receive colostrum, which contains essential antibodies.


Now the work begins: Weaning: After a few months, the foal should be weaned from the mare and introduced to solid food. It is crucial to monitor the foal's weight and growth during this time and provide it with proper nutrition.


Training and Exercise: As the foal grows, it should be gradually introduced to handling and training. This includes halter training, leading, and bare-ground manners. It is essential to be patient and consistent during this process. As the horse ages, it should be gradually introduced to exercise and conditioning. This includes lunging, longeing, and riding. Monitoring the horse's health and fitness and adjusting the exercise regimen as necessary is essential.


Ramard Horse Health Products will complete the proper nutrition for your horse.

The moment of truth: It is time to enjoy the fruits of your vision, dedication, and work. We move on to Competition: Once the horse is fully trained and conditioned, it can enter competitions, such as races or shows. It is vital to continue to monitor the horse's health and provide it with proper nutrition with supplements and veterinary care during this time.


Job well done. Thanks for being a Caring Horse Owner.