The Agility of a Barrel Racing Horse, the Stamina of a Race Horse, and the Extreme Athleticism of a Jumper displays the Majesty of over 1000 pounds of Awesome in action. The Majesty of thorough training and the rider's skill is beautiful.

My Granddaughter competed in Barrel Racing as a pre-teen and has since been left with an appreciation of the animals she rode. The thrill of this powerful force would respond to her every command. According to her, Majesty is the perfect word. Horses are remarkable animals in their own right but are ever more impressive when properly trained and put to the test in competition. Her way of thanking these wonderful companions in the competition was the aftercare she learned to do. The cool down, the grooming, and the necessary care of appropriate nourishment and supplements to help her animal recover from such strenuous exertion. She called it her giving back bonding with her partner. Even though it takes much longer to care for your horse than to run the course, it is a meaningful teaching moment for a young lady to appreciate her horse. 

When her horse would give her its best, she learned to reward him with the best care she could muster. One area of her learning was the necessity for horse blood builder and joint & horse tendon repair. This is where her Dad was a big help. He kept a good supply of the best horse supplements like Ramard Total Equine Relief, Total Energy and Stamina Horse Support, Total Joint Care, or Total Tendon Repair. He taught her to look for the signs of these potential ailments before they happen. These recovery aids are essential to a healthy and striving horse after competitions, training sessions, transport, etc.

The great thing about what happens in a stable in Western North Carolina is precisely what happens in stables like Dover Downs and tracks and arenas all across the country. The same products that help my Grand daughter's horse are just what the Championship owners, trainers, and vets use for their Race Horse and Jumpers in the highest level of competition. Ramard horse health products are used by Olympic and Championship teams worldwide. Our Made in the USA products contain NO BANNED SUBSTANCES and yet are most effective to help your horses recover wholly and quickly. These are not just words; they are backed up by empirical testing and a long track record of Champions that regularly turn to our Ramard equine care products for their valued animals.

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