Like humans, your horses' immune system is foundational to good horse health. Remarkably complex and efficient, the immune system is designed to protect your horse from a host of potential dangers, ranging from viruses and bacteria to toxins and environmental threats. One of the most significant risks to the equine immune system is stress.

Horses are incredibly stressed by transporting from place to place, training regimens, events, crowds, etc. You must tend to your horse's healthy immune system.

Total Immune Blast - Blood & Muscle Building Supplements for Horses

RAMARD TOTAL IMMUNE BLAST is the next generation in equine immune support. Nucleotides contribute to DNA synthesis as structural units and are therefore a key element in cell replication. Horses with a stressed immune system from training, environmental changes, or breeding season will benefit greatly. The best horse supplement among equine care products and a topline for horses that aids in strengthening the immune system of your horse.

Total Immune Blast will give your foals a jump start to achieve their maximum potential while helping them develop their immune system properly and bone marrow and give the mares the support they need while in foal.

Total Immune Blast should be given to horses with stressed immune systems or horses stabled at race tracks or show facilities susceptible to illness.

Ramard Total Immune Blast

Advantages of Total Immune Blast:

  • It helps your horse bounce back quickly.
  • Supports normal immune response.
  • May help your horse's body fight the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Superior for respiratory issues such as colds and runny nose.
  • Supports your horses' innate resistance to pathogens.

Clinical Research: Ingredients in this formula have clinical research associated with them.


Thank You for Caring for and about horses.

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