Horses, for all their size and strength, tend to need help with their GI tract. Even as careful as you are to buy the suitable hay, there may be something in it that doesn't agree with your horse's gut. Even the sugars in grain can cause the bacteria balance to get off. It is essential to keep your horses gut in balance.
Horses are also not crazy about breaking their routine of stall and pasture to be transported to another location for any reason. Your horse is not unlike you in that when the GI tract is off, and everything else is off.

Ramard Total Gut Health is one of the most comprehensive gastrointestinal products ever produced, addressing issues in the GI tract and those caused by poor absorption. Additionally, the response time is fast and fabulous - the results will prove it! Ramard TGH promotes the growth of healthy intestinal microflora, helping to support intestinal health and immune function while replacing efficiency lost with compromised GI systems. Ramard TGH supports the body's normal healing processes and mucosal lining. Thus, it is an effective and powerful horse digestive supplement & power digestive relief.

The equine-specific free nucleotides support cell replication and the lengthening of villi in the digestive tract, shielding it while helping to maximize absorption.

BioFlex, a key ingredient in Total Gut Health, has been proven to support the body's natural ability to balance bacteria known to cause GI upset. Ramard's Beta Glucan, with its specific bond of (1,3/1,6), is a compelling equine immune support  that helps facilitate normal bowel motility and may help modulate normal mucosal immunity of the intestinal tract.

TGH was formulated to help with the following issues:
  • Poor absorption
  • The discomfort of the intestines due to an overabundance of bacteria
  • Occasional loose stool or stomach upset induced by changes in the environment, stress, or dietary changes.
  • Supports normal stomach pH and maintains proper gut flora Colic caused by sand and other materials
  • Supports free radical damage Supports the protective layers of the bowel

Thank You for Caring for and about Horses.

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