Competition riding makes up a small part of the activity that requires horse health products to maintain your pet’s well-being. Horse performance supplements are necessary for every animal that does what horses are made to do. When you ride for pleasure, you will find an open pasture or trail to let your animal break into a gallop, cross a stream or climb a hill. All of these activities should be followed by tending to your horse with appropriate aftercare. It may be that a horse joint supplement is in order. It may be that amino acids for horses are in order.

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Even if your horse does not compete, it deserves the best care. Some of the world’s top performers affirmed this best of care. In addition to Olympic Champion Jumpers to 15 times World Champion “Golden Kid.”


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What is suitable for these World Class competitors is just the thing for your valued Friend. Your horse deserves the best of care because, to you, your horse is the “Golden Kid.”

One of the things many horse owners fail to recognize is that any time we have to transport our animals, it causes a lot of uncertainty and stress for the horse. Reading up on our horse calming supplements will serve you well to make these transitions more animal friendly. So the next time you saddle up your Friend for a day on the trail, please consider the care necessary to make it an excellent day for both of you. There are tons of articles and research on to help you learn all you need to know about the best practices and the best horse supplements when it comes to your horse.