The answer is simply YES!


The answer to this question is divided in more ways than a Large Pizza. The considerations have to do with; the age of your horse, the complexity of a horses hoof, the health of that hoof, the history of the care of that hoof, the types of your horse's activities, the terrain of your pastures, the surface, and type of competition or riding terrain, and on and on and on…………

For starters, we are asking a very complex Haemodynamic system to act as a shock absorber within a biomechanical force of a single hoof pounding the ground under a 1500-pound animal. Add to that that harm can be created with each hoof strike if the heel, bar, and frog are not aligned correctly to dissipate some of this locomotion.

If that sounds scary, it has accomplished my goal. From all that I gather, there is no easy way to arrive at the answer. There are tons of advantages to your horse running barefoot all the time. There are tons of advantages to your horse being shod. There are many advantages to your horse taking advantage of newer technologies that fall squarely in the middle of Shod or Barefoot. Some of these are offered by companies like Formahoof, Scoot Boot, or even a 3d printed version for retired racehorses with flat feet offered by Hoofcast. 

Regardless if you are the kind of horse owner concerned enough to consider the well-being of your animal, then you will also be interested in its Total health. Jump over and visit to find USA-made products manufactured with no banned substances. One such example is our Ramard Total Pre & Probiotic Powder.

This is an effective horse digestive supplement since every animal's digestive system includes beneficial bacteria that help digest feed and unfriendly organisms. When the microflora becomes unbalanced, it can become a significant health concern. Maintaining the proper balance in the digestive system can improve performance and uptake and support body condition, the immune system, and disposition.

Prebiotics are a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the hindgut. Probiotics are live bacteria in the digestive system that break down feed for more excellent nutrient absorption.

Good luck with answering today's BIG question.