When your horse does what your horse does best, there are some natural side effects. Here are two of the best antidotes for just this situation. Ramard Total Equine Relief Powder supplemented with Relief Poultice (Jar). When your horse shows signs of Normal Inflammatory Response such as Elevated Temperature, Discomfort, Heat, Aches, Stiffness, Redness, or even Seasonal Allergies, these two products are just what the trainer ordered.

Ramard Total Equine Relief Powder
Ramard Relief Poultice - relieves your horse from discomfort, stiffness, aches, and swelling.

And then, rest assured that these are not just another line of Horse Supplements; they are all top-of-the-line. They are designed for Olympic Performance horses under FEI regulations. Our Ramard products are developed by a dedicated team of experts, including veterinarians, trainers, and biochemists. We aim to provide your horse with the high-quality products they deserve. Our products are free of fillers and artificial ingredients and contain no banned substances. Our claim to fame is that Ramard products, made right here in the USA, are the choice of many of the National and World Champion Equestrian Teams worldwide.

Considering the physics of high performance, we should do all we can to help our animals recover. Muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons perform some amazing feats considering they support such large and heavy masses. When we ask our horses to accelerate this mass and immediately give their all rapidly, we ask a lot about their physiology. It is, at minimum, our duty to do all we can for them. That is precisely why these two treatments are so effective.

Please don’t forget our older horses. They are a bit more susceptible to stiffness and soreness. They deserve that extra measure of care.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.