I have a friend who, years ago, set out at 40, weighing in at 280 pounds; he decided to run the upcoming Quatico 12K of the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC that was 6 months out. He had been out of the Corp for 16 years and enjoyed an abundant lifestyle.

Could he wait a few months to start to prepare and still make the entire 12K?. Of course not! After a stringent preparation and training program, that day in October of that year, he hit the start line at 189 pounds and made it through the entire 12K with a presentable result. Why? Because he began six months before feeding his body what it needed and trained it up to the occasion.


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It is no different for your performance horse. It is essential to begin early using a Horse Stamina Supplement, a Horse Focus Supplement, or Tendon Supplements for Horses. These are the vital nutrients in a high-performing horse, and they must be an integral part of their regime over a long period.

The top trainers, owners, and vets who care for high-performance horses know to prime the pump to allow these magnificent animals to do what they do best. We ask a lot of our prized animals, so we owe it to them to offer all the best support available. That support comes in the form of training and supplements. The training gets them ready, and the supplements help replenish and repair the entire physiology of your horse after that training and performance.

Ramard Equine products are used by Olympic Equestrian Teams around the world as well as by leading trainers and World & National Champions in every breed group. We should follow the leaders.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.