Your horse needs a recovery regime after a performance or being ridden. There is a phenomenon I call the Performance Paradox. When we call on our horses to do their best, we need to pay close attention to them while their bodies recover. The need for recovery may manifest right away, or it may take days. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons may take longer to show signs of strain. Be vigilant in the days after a horse has exerted itself.

They may not talk to you, but they will broadcast their need for your help in their recovery. One way to accomplish this is to groom your horse daily for a few days after an event paying attention to their muscles, legs, hooves, and tendons. Another is to supplement their recovery with Ramard Total Blood Fluids Muscle a topline for building muscles in horses and is also a proven horse blood builder.

Extreme equine athletes demand Ramard Blood Fluids Muscle. Racing, showing, training, hauling, or any other strenuous demands on your horse will cause a loss of energy and essential nutrients. It will also strain the immune system and decrease the horse’s ability to recover and maintain lean muscle mass.

Physical exertion, sweat, a change in weather, heat, and humidity contribute to the loss of electrolytes, build-up of toxins, and nutrient loss in your horse. Ramard Total Blood Fluids Muscles Supplement was developed to replenish the vital nutrients lost during stress and exercise. It will help prevent the signs of dehydration, protect muscle tissue, and support the blood.

Blood Fluids Muscle includes:

    • Essential B-Vitamins, minerals, and iron to support increased oxygen-carrying ability and red blood cell count.
    • Branch Chain Amino Acids to support repair of muscle tissue damage associated with training.
    • Electrolytes which replenish the daily loss of minerals and, used daily, aid in the prevention of lactic acid build-up associated with muscle exertion.

    Ramard Blood Fluids Muscle may be beneficial for:

    • Muscle repair and recovery.
    • Building lean muscle mass.
    • Boosting energy.
    • Increasing red blood cell count.
    • Replenishing electrolytes.

    Thank You for Caring for and about horses.

    Taft Enterprise