When the immune system suffers from any stress, trouble is to follow. This is why we developed Total Immune Blast. This supplement contains Nucleotides that contribute to DNA synthesis as structural units and are vital in cell replication. Horses with a stressed immune system from training, environmental changes, or breeding season will benefit greatly.

Just like us humans, the immune system is foundational and, as such, benefits from a strong start and will benefit from the boost, especially in times of stress.

Total Immune Blast Supplement for Horses

Total Immune Blast will give your foals a jump start to achieve their maximum potential while helping them develop their immune system and bone marrow, giving the mares the support they need while in foal.

Advantages of Total Immune Blast:

  • It helps your horse bounce back quickly.
  • Supports normal immune response.
  • It may help your horse's body fight the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Superior for respiratory issues such as colds and runny nose.
  • Supports your horses' innate resistance to pathogens.
If your horses are stabled at race tracks or show facilities where they are more susceptible to illness, ensuring the best of health for their immune systems is even more essential. Unlike other systems, your horse's immune system is invisible to the human eye, but we all know the importance of your horse's health.