Do your kids have braces? If you want to maximize your investment in orthodontics, you will be sure your child has rubber bands for their braces. You want them to be the highest quality rubber bands available.

There may be a better analogy than this, but Ligaments function as rubber bands do. Ligaments, which are thick bands of tissue comprised of fibrous collagen, connect bone to bone and, through their elasticity and flexibility, help stabilize body structures and facilitate their movement. Just imagine the forces on your horse's joints during their performance or even running in the pasture. To assure your horse's best performance and safety, it is wise to consider Ramard Total Joint Care Performance.

Total Joint Care is the best performance horse supplements

Studies have shown that the ingredients in Total Joint Care have been proven in:

  • Replenishing synovial fluid, which cushions and lubricates the joint
  • It may reduce inflammation associated with everyday exercise
  • It may reduce discomfort and stiffness associated with everyday exercise
  • Supporting the soft tissue supporting the ligaments and tendons
  • Bioavailabilty through oral application

The word Majestic comes to mind when I see a horse at the entire gate. Seeing over a thousand pounds of animal move with such force and grace simultaneously takes my breath away. I am always aware that when we ask for performance from our animals, we owe them the best support on the market. Using only the best performance horse supplements makes sense, as I am sure it does for you.

Ramard Total Joint Care Performance Horse Supplements

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.