Isn’t it ironic that when we flip our horses' function from being a source of transportation to being the ones being transported we throw them a curve?

Total Calm & Focus Horse Supplements

There are loads of reasons why this is a stressful time for your horse. Consider the fact that you are asking your 1000+ pound animal to balance through loading and unloading ramps, bumps, accelerations, as well as braking and curves that they can’t even see coming while standing on an unfamiliar surface in an unfamiliar space. Of this and we must confine them to a small space for their safety but I doubt they understand all of this disruption. This is a lot of unknowns and creates a lot of anxiety for an animal that reacts best to a known routine during most of its existence. All of this causes your horse to release higher levels of cortisol which when untreated can cause all types of unwanted behaviors as well as safety concerns during transport.

It is for just this reason I highly recommend the natural formula in Ramard Total Calm and Focus to help your prized animal during this unaccustomed yet necessary time of stress.  It is vitally important for you to know that this product, like all Ramard horse health products, contains no herbs or banned substances. We must do all we can to reduce the strain of transportation. This, along with other Ramard’s topline for horses products has been instrumental in the best care with proven results in the previous 2 Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, and World and National Championships across all breed groups and disciplines over the last several years.

Total Calm & Focus is a natural formula developed to calm your nervous, anxious horse while enhancing focus. Ramisol is a trademarked, cutting-edge ingredient in Total Calm & Focus. Ramisol helps minimize the natural increase in levels of cortisol released in response to high-intensity exercise and stimulus. Stress and high levels of cortisol may be related to fatigue, changes in mood, aggressive behavior, and depression. Additionally, magnesium and a balanced blend of B vitamins are added, which have shown to be very beneficial for nervous, hyper horses, especially during unfamiliar times like transport.