Here we have a Zorse, or as it is sometimes called a Zebroid.

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This is one of those interesting wrinkles in nature. Usually the result of a Zebra stallion and a Horse mare however, some offspring are the result of a Horse sire and a Zebra dam.  They are found mostly in the grasslands of Africa; the main appearance differences are the coat and the considerably smaller size. However, you won’t find them in large numbers because of another wrinkle of nature. A horse has 64 chromosomes and the Zebra has 44-62. This is the main difference that creates infertility in the Zorse.

Like many cross-species animals, this is the result of folks in Africa trying to breed out diseases in their horse breeds since Zebras have a more hardy constitution healthwise. The constraint is infertility due to the biological differences of the Zorses. It seems this is insurmountable so this breed is relegated to being just curious and in some cases a good pet. You will occasionally find these, still magnificent animals in Zoos and at some of the larger Horse Farms around the world.

This breed, around 100 worldwide, is known for being Sturdy and Hardy and can be ridden like all horses when you consider the size. Because of their unique health, they are not so susceptible to normal equine diseases and can live to be 30 years old.

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