In a word, Collagen, to be more specific, Collagen I, III, IV, and IV. Each type of Collagen does its part to repair or rejuvenate the tendons after strenuous locomotion, but type I does most of the heavy lifting. Here is a thumbnail of the types and functions of Collagen with some supporting ingredients that support the remediation process for your horse. By the way, these mechanics of the types of Collagen and their effect on the tendons and ligaments is the same for you when you go out for a run or play a pickup game of basketball.

Collagen is somewhat of a basis for the body and most of its parts; consequently, it does matter how the supplement is formulated or delivered. The Ramard Total Tendon Repair is researched, tested, and prepared with your horse in mind. One of the most significant benefits of this formula is that it aids in the longevity of high-performing horses. It also provides everything from an improved coat to all types of health benefits, not the least of which is that what is suitable for the Tendon is also good for the Ligament. Win-Win.

Ramard Total Tendon Repair Supplement For Horses - The Best Joint Supplement for Horses.

Let's start at the beginning. Even if you provide your ride with a good tendon supplement, you don't just take a horse from its stall and go full blast. As you do when you exercise, the first thing is to stretch. The reason for this is that tendons are what connect the muscle to the bone. A healthy warm-up and training are necessary as well. Tendons are made up of aligned fibers that derive their strength from the orderly arrangement of their fibers. The mechanical properties of the Tendon are dependent on the collagen fiber diameter and orientation as well. The tendons are constructed of a multi-stranded structure of many partially independent fibrils and fascicles.

We are uncovering studies that link healthy tendons that are sufficiently elastic and a phenomenon called stored energy that results from the flexibility of the Tendon and the aid that offers the muscle to generate more force.

Total Tendon Repair Supplement for Horses - The Best Joint & Ligament Supplement for Horses

The nature of high performance and the energy expended by our horses' muscles, tendons, and ligaments requires that we help maintain their biomechanical properties and support the body's natural regeneration and recovery process. That is precisely the answer to the beginning question of Why Tendon Supplements are essential.

Thank You for being a Caring Horse Owner.