There is a true “Gentle” man that is invited to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral today. His name is Monty Roberts. Marvin Earl "Monty" Roberts MVO is an American horse trainer known for training horses without violence. He is now 87 years old and doesn’t do much actual training but he has left his mark on “natural horsemanship'' as well as the Queen. They have been friends for many years and they have a Love of horses in common. It is said that whenever he called the Queen she would interrupt whatever she was doing and excuse herself from whomever she was meeting with, some of whom were very important world figures, and take his call. 

The Queen Mother was quite taken with Monty Roberts due to his philosophy of horse training. Lest you think his methods were less than effective he has many awards to his credit. Riding for his college rodeo team, he won two National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) National Championships, including National NIRA Champion Bulldogger in 1957, and the NIRA Champion Team Roping in 1956.

According to Wikipedia;  Royal connections

he Man Who Listens to Horses to Queen Elizabeth II in the mews at Windsor Castle in 1996.

Monty and Pat Roberts present a copy of his book The Man Who Listens to Horses to Queen Elizabeth II in the mews at Windsor Castle in 1996.

An event which would change the direction of his life was an invitation in 1989 from the offices of Queen Elizabeth II, who was an avid horsewoman. After hearing about Roberts' training techniques, she invited him to come to the United Kingdom to demonstrate his "Join Up" method to her stable staff.[21] After watching his demonstration, Roberts said the Queen urged him to write a book about his nonviolent methods, which became The Man Who Listens to Horses.[1] During his book tour of the UK in 1996, Roberts presented a copy of his book to the Queen.[22]


In 2002 Roberts returned to Windsor Castle as part of the Queen's Golden Jubilee] In the 2011 Birthday Honours, Roberts was appointed an Honorary Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO) "for services to Her Majesty's racing establishment"] In June 2012, the Queen, as Patron of Join–Up International, attended the Guards Polo Club, and along with Roberts presented awards to international polo trainers from South and Central America in recognition of their work in promoting the non–violent training of horses.

After the death of the Queen on 8 September 2022, Roberts was invited to her funeral on 19 September.


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