I, for one, don't ever take a pill unless I am convinced that my health will significantly diminish if I don't. Now that is a personal preference. The thing is that I don't have anyone in my life who is constantly causing stress and anxiety. Well, not most of the time.

When it comes to our horses, we have to consider that there are many activities we put them through that they don't have a say in, and each of these activities can cause upset in the quiet routine they usually enjoy. For competition horses, several things induce stress and anxiety for them. The first thing we do is to transport them out of their cozy stalls and pastures, put them into a small clangy space and rock them back and forth til they get to the venue. I can't begin to imagine how unsettling this must be for them. Then we barn them in a strange place with unfamiliar sights and sounds. We do all this, and we have yet to take them to the starting line to push them to their maximum limit of stress and activity, with their hearts pounding at a mile a minute in front of a crowd of unfamiliar people with more unfamiliar sounds. Need I go on? This is where Ramard Total Calm and Focus comes in handy. Due to a cutting-edge ingredient in Total Calm & Focus called Ramisol. Ramisol has offered proven results in the previous 2 Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, and World and National Championships across all breed groups and disciplines over the last several years. All of this is from a product made in the USA and contains no herbs or banned substances.
Ramard Total Calm & Focus Horse Performance Supplements

Even if your horse is not called upon to compete at an Olympic or World Class level, it is still subject to being Shown, Ridden by inexperienced hands on a trail ride, hauling, training, barrel racing, etc. Each of these activities raises your horse's level of stress and anxiety.

I hope you support your horse's highest and best health at all times. As I have said in these articles, it is on your shoulders to closely observe your animal, and I can guarantee you will see a change in behavior after each of these activities. One more benefit of the Total Calm and Focus is the focus part. You will observe mental alertness without drowsiness which will, in turn, enhance performance.